100% Silk Satin, it is more shining and bright than other silk fabric, looks so luxury.

Average satin silk scarf ranges from 8-momme to 14-momme in thickness.
For custom silk scarves,Lemonpaier uses 100% 12-momme luxurious charmeuse satin silk which has a silkier, softer and more vibrant surface than satin, making a perfect canvas to preserve the rich colors of the original art.

Lemonpaier satin silk scarf freshens and brightens your wardrobe during any season and for all occasions with its iridescent luster, vibrant colors and soft touch.

Each silk satin scarf's edge is hand rolled by skilled workers because silk satin is one of the most challenging fabrics to sew and also tends to leave holes and marks where the fabric was pinned.

•Lemonpaier promise: Lemonpaier silk scarves are made of authentic natural silk. Ten-time purchase price compensation promised for any counterfeit product.

•How to differentiate between authentic silk and fake silk?

Being burned, authentic silk smells like burning hair, while fake does not.

•Why do we choose 100% natural silk?

1.Mulberry silk is the softest, finest and lightest natural fiber.

2.Mulberry silk has good breathability and hygroscopicity and is skin-friendly. It does not crinkle, and won't produce static, which makes it safe and comfortable to wear.

3.Mulberry silk is basically animal protein rich with 18 kinds of amino acids, which can promote the vitality of skin cells;

it also helps prevent the skin from aging.

•Washing and maintenance suggestions of Mulberry silk scarf :

1. Hand washing it carefully with water temperature no higher than 30℃.

2. Air drying it in a shady, well ventilated place, avoiding being exposed to the sun.

3. Do not use washing machines or drying machines of any kind.

4. Sine silk is animal protein, do not use soaps.

5. The ironing temperature should not be higher than 110℃.

6. Do not spray deodorants or perfume directly on the silk or put silk with camphor balls.

Occasions: Suitable for All Formal, Casual, and Evening Events All Year Long. Good for Any Season

  • ●Fabric

    • silk chiffon
    • silk satin
    • silk twill
    • silk habotai
    • silk geogette
    • silk yoryu
    • 15%silk 85%modal
    • 35%silk 65%modal
    • 30%silk 70%wool
    • 52%silk, 48%wool
  • Edge Way

  • 1.machine rolled edge

  • 2.machine rolled edge

  • 3.hand rolled edge

  • 4.machine rolled edge

  • Recommend Size

  • 90*90cm
  • 110*110cm
  • 180*70cm
  • 180*30cm

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